With You

Oh honey, why do you show up in my head?

You were supposed to be unrecognizable by now 

It's been some time since I have seen your face

It wouldn't be familiar anyhow 


If feels impossible that this could be true 

The kind person I loved, it seems he flew

My hopes, they were higher, we felt brighter 

Confusion still lingers around me now 

And why I can't grasp this loss completely

Is because I have you built up inside me

So connected and bound, like a flash it's gone 

How does this break not feel so wrong? 


Your smile, was it real? 

Your convictions, I could feel.

And you probably don't know how this has changed me now

Some days I am crawling, but mostly split in two

Cause half of me was always with you


As you dance around as you usually do 

I hope you remember that I was true 

In awe I would stand, so proud to be 

Cause half of you was always with me