Treasure Island Music Festival

This weekend I attended my favorite festival of all the festivals that exist, Treasure Island Music festival in San Francisco, CA. FESTIVAL FESTIVAL FESTIVAL. This event is done SO RIGHT. With your ticket comes a shuttle pass to the island. I really admire that the creators of the festival want everyone to get to and from safely and easily. Little considerations like this make these experience that much better. After all, we are there to listen to music, not wait in traffic and lines. Oh, and there is never a wait for the bathroom, a festival after my own heart. The event is two days and highlights artists of all genres. The lineup was incredible, per usual. I am going to talk about a few of my favs from the show. I loved seeing DeadMau5 again but am not going to go in depth about his performance this time around.


I have a MAJOR girl crush. The lead singer of Chvurches, Lauren Mayberry emits a strikingly beautiful stage presence. She is a small little thing with pipes for days. Lauren had a beautiful tutu like dress on and rhinestones glued to her face, pure fairy. Somehow, she mad it looks very adult. Just look at her. (I didn't take these pics, FYI, too hard with the fake smoke). 


Every song Chvrches played was pure energy. I am going to list my favs. 

Never Ending Circles - Picture this song live. There is such amazing contrast between chorus/verse which makes you want to dance like no one is watching. Or, like everyone is. 

Throw me
No more bones and I will tell you no lies
This time
At least I am not so cold
You give me everything I never deserved
This time
You know I’ll leave

Like I said before, it's quite incredible the amount of power that comes out of her. The lyrics above really get me. "Throw me no more bones, and I will tell you no lies." To me this screams, let's just be honest here. I am a strong woman and don't need to be placated. I of course, love this. 

Leave A Trace  - This song has some 90's rock elements to it (think Natalie Imbruglia) except it's still incredibly modern. The second verse of this song includes my favorite lyrics. 

I have somehow got
Away with everything
Anything you ever did was strictly by design
But you got it wrong
And I’ll go anywhere but there

These are some POWERFUL words. Have you ever met someone who seems to be acting all of the time OR after the fact you realize that all of their actions were to create a facade of who they wish they really were? Trust me, go anywhere but there. 

High Enough to Carry You Over - See on Spotify 

Another bandmate sings this song. It was so cool to see Lauren give up the mic for her male bandmate. Two amazing singers, one band. Chvurches is from Glasglow, Scotland and I highly recommend you listen to all of their songs and definetly see them live if you get the chance. 


This act was STRANGE PANTS. It was late Sunday night so I almost skipped it but was highly glad I didn't. Panda Bear is an experimental artist that is a member of the band Animal Collective. He has been around for quite some team, releasing his first solo album in 1999. He uses a synth filter and sings?!?!?!?!? while he DJ's. I put a bunch of question and explanation marks at the end of that last sentence because I really don't know what he is doing. I felt like I was apart of a tribe and should have known the chant, especial on the song "Boys Latin." So, I listened to this song before seeing Panda Bear and really thought NOTHING of it. When he played it live, I heard the song completely differently. Take a listen. 

The video will give you a little insight into the visuals. Trust me, they got way more weird as the show went on. At one point he had a video of three women dresses in latex and glitter, throwing up. Yes, throwing up. It was bizzaro, creepy, weird, but ohhhhhh so refreshing. I am a fan and will be bringing anyone who will come with me to his next show. Hands down the biggest surprise of the whole festival. The DJ I thought I had no interest in, I didn't want to end. 


This group consists of Phantomgram and Big Boi from Outkast. They were shockingly great. "Lights On," was a song that stuck with me. It's deep, dark and hauntingly beautiful. Please read all the lyrics here, but below are some of my favorite lines. 

When the bars say stop, when the bars all start to close
And it gets dark outside and I can’t find my way home
I hope you keep your lights on for me
I hope you keep your lights on for me
I hope you keep your lights on for me
I hope you keep your lights on for me

Oh to stumble out of the bar wishing that the person you want to be with would call....


Here is a few pics of me and my friends at the festy. I am so thankful to be surrounded by such an eclectic group of people who have a strong passion for music and the arts. I met new friends and became closer with old. Couldn't have asked for a better musical experience. Something about the island is truly magical. Thank you for listening. 

  Treasure Island Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival

  Treasure Island Music Festival

Treasure Island Music Festival