Emit your frequency...

I read a quote today and it struck a major chord with me. 

“Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.”
- Barbara Marciniak

 Image courtesy of: www.omtimes.com

Image courtesy of: www.omtimes.com

As an empath, I absorb many energies on a daily basis which can leave me feeling exhausted or emotionally drained. It makes sense that I feel strongest when I am emitting my energy on others. Of course, this energy must be positive, not negative. This usually happens when I am presenting something at work, showing someone a song I love, telling a story, or entertaining at a party - things I think I am good at....comfortable with. These are own-able moments where I feel tall. But what about the other moments? 

This quote made me think about my own self confidence. I consider myself strong, but it's not that hard to break me down with an emotional trigger. This is something I am personally working on within myself in order to become a person who is less "triggerable." What is an example of an emotional trigger for me? The action of leaving during a heated argument or conversation is a pretty big one. The "get up and walk away" is tough on me. It makes me feel hopeless. This is something I have dealt with for a large part of my life. I have tried to understand that not everything can be fixed or resolved in that moment, but that time and space might be what is needed for things to get resolved.

I am one who always wants to fix the problem right then and there, so waiting feels like a lifetime. What might feel like a few minutes to one person feels like days for me. Panic sets in. I have never understood why the person who wants to fix the problem right then and there (me) has to be the one to give in to the person who needs "time." I still can't figure it out. If I have to suffer you leaving, why can't you suffer by staying and working to fix the issue? It seems the one leaving always has the power. 

Off track....

"Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequencies..." Everyone knows someone who handles themselves very well in combative, stressful or high pressure situations. This person is emitting their own frequencies, almost as a shield. They are protecting themselves and often times those around them. What about the person that walks in a room and everyone notices or feels their presence? This person radiates confidence. They may be disliked for this, but it doesn't matter to them because they are secure with what they are projecting. They believe in what they are selling. This......is an invaluable gift. What are you selling? What is your intent? Imprint it. 

I am working on emitting my own positive frequencies into the world, while fielding off surrounding elements that might not be good for me in my current stage of healing. Working on it. My intent is to be a more understanding person. Understanding of things good and bad, but none the less, understanding. I am working on patience. Patience with myself and with others, as there are moments of impatience that can often times consume me. I am continuing to respect love, even when it feels impractical. And I am practicing respecting myself in creating boundaries so that I can better emit my frequencies into the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.

Thank you for listening.