"They curate, they consume and they create. And that's what makes them influencers...."

First off, I can NOT take credit for this title. I am merely speaking on an incredible article I read in AdWeek today entitled, "Millennials Aren't Who You Think They Are." As a millennial, I am SO SICK of hearing about what I am, what I like, how I feel, and how I consume. This article beautifully explains how I have been feeling for the past few years.

The Millennial Mirage” in New York last week, Blunden said research suggests a high ratio of those in the 18-35 age range aren’t the lazy, narcissistic, entitled, apathetic parental leeches they’re often described as. Rather they’re often active, interested and entrepreneurial.

Of course, many of us are lazy narcs, I have seen it first hand (selfie culture is JUST the beginning), but not all of us are. My circle of friends and co-workers want to make stuff, go places, and help people. We aren't entitled but rather confident. We aren't afraid to ask questions and question what we were taught. I know many parental leeches, but I also know many parents who just want their kids to do well. They reward hard work and know that in this day and age it's a lot harder to get ahead. For many parents, it's the MOST rewarding thing in the world to help their "child" progress as long as they are already doing things in their life that will positively impact their future. Remember, "help" comes in many forms from money to advice or simply, positive reinforcement. 

 We aren't entitled but rather confident. We aren't afraid to ask questions and question what we were taught.

We aren't entitled but rather confident. We aren't afraid to ask questions and question what we were taught.

Blunden calls this subset “Gen-Narrators”—a cohort of influencers who both are sophisticated media consumers whose reach is coveted by not only media companies but also brands.

"Gen-Narrators," OBSESSED! Let me try to give a good examples of this. You have that friend that you go to for all things music right? The friend that always posts the latest info on your favorite band/DJ reuniting, a new song, or show that's coming to town? That person is curating content they are interested in and you go to them for that information. They are their own music publication of sorts. The whole reason I started this blog was because I was curating other peoples content that helped me get through a hard time in my life. I didn't even realize I was doing this until I received numerous messages for people thanking me for posting certain articles on self help, discovery and healing. I mentioned this in my first blog post here. We are all publishers whether we create our own content or not. We are ALL influencers. And we consume in a sophisticated manner. 

They curate, they consume and they create. And that’s what makes them influencers,” Blunden said. “They don’t just take on broad information, they DJ with it. They remix it and send it out.

I am literally remixing an article I just read and sending it out....right now. A content DJ of sorts. I am telling you MY take on what Mr. Blunden is saying. It's truly incredible. This new generation of curators and consumers reminds me a little bit of the music industry - when it was turing Indi. Artists can now take control. They release their music into the world via music sharing sites like Soundcloud and if people like it, they listen to it and share it, making it popular without major music labels. We are doing the same thing with content. Sites like Elephant Journal are a perfect example of this. Normal people, just like you and me, writing about their experiences. Of course, they are wonderful writers but they aren't backed by some major publication or news source. They are simply telling their story, the way they want it to be told, without question. 

Beautiful, just beautiful. Thank you AdWeek, Economist and Nick Blunden for this article. You made my day.

Thank you for listening.