When you walk into the room you change my mood its AUTOMATIC...

Is this song a JOKE?! Deep beats, sax, heavy piano, lady singer, man singer, middle eastern influence. I have heard a few Zhu songs (Faded?!!?!?) but just stumbled across this one on way my way to Las Vegas. At minute mark 2:42 I about fainted. This song is INCREDIBLE and so diverse. I admire how the song starts off dancey and slows the f down....

I don’t think you know
You open up my eyes, I’m alive
I’m moving to your rhythm and your vibe
I love it when the night, is started

Ahhhh we have all been here. That someone that can completely change your vibe. It's powerful, and when you meet someone like this, try to understand why they effect you this way, it will teach you a lot about yourself. It's true, the way someone effects us, negatively or positively can truly help us understand ourselves. This is something I have recently started embracing. It can be hard and a little revealing, even to yourself, but it's worth exploring.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. And when the saxophone hits, get your dance on. You can thank me later. Thanks for listening :)