To understand you...

I had to feel this to understand you

I know this because you have gone through it to

Broken does not mean forever

I know that time will fill this blank space


I had to see color in order to understand you 

This isn’t the way I imagined it would go

My voice it’s silenced by my past life

Your begging me to go with the flow 


I had to build myself up in order to understand you 

I make an effort to show you this is real

Giving up has never been a part of the plan

Even though my hearts hidden with my personal fear


I had to be let go in order to understand you

It was never my place anyway 

Miles to go and many people to meet 

I can’t have the world fall at my feet


I had to be shaken up to understand you 

A feeling I am grabbing and trying to push away

Curiosity of what it feels like to live detached 

I know my actions may be enigmatic 


I will make moves to understand you

Get inside and really feel you

If you will let me, I want to get to you 

Just give me time to believe you