This is my tribe...

We are the ones who don't give up. It's easy to turn a blind eye to pain and perseverance. A group of ninjas who take a knife to life. We don't sit back and watch it happen. We make it happen. The do'ers. The hammers, not nails. The lovers but the right and wrong'ers. We take a stand. We are never on both sides, never in the middle. There is no middle. Our brains do not work that way. How do you feel? What do you think? What does your heart tell you? Can you disconnect your mind and your heart? It's a tough thing to do but when you will uncover the direction of where the universe is telling you to go. You will find your true friends. Your tribe. Your chosen family.

We are opinionated, but with reason. Opinionated, due to experience. If you ask us what we think, an answer will be told. There is no "ummm" there is no "maybe" there is no "sure." This lack of vagueness does not exist. When you have us, we are present. We are all there. We are all in. Extremists to some extent. If a promise is made, it will be fulfilled. Our lives have been scattered with empty promises so we have vowed to never expose one another to such a thing. We stop the pattern, we break the trend. Honesty over white lies. If it hurts, we can take it as it only comes with learning and understanding. We offer feedback. We are not afraid to disagree with one another.

Understanding is key. We do not abandon, we do not leave each other to feel misunderstood. We do stick by. We know that feeling misunderstood is like being lost in a dark forest with no end in sight. We take the time to understand...and this takes time. Dedication, investment, commitment. If we fight, it's out of love and passion for each other. There is never a will to hurt, we don't have that in our bones.

We hold hands, we hug, we cuddle, we lie in bed all day and laugh...regardless of gender, just friends.....we are close. We will never be too old for a sleepovers. We will be 90 and planning our 48 hours of togetherness weekends. Our future families will grow up together and we will grow old together. Debauchery. This will never change with age, nor will our will to have fun. With life, people can become hard. We will do our best to keep each other believing in childhood dreams. Dancing, laughing, singing. This is what we do best. Music is in our bones. Music runs through all of us and it's what keeps us connected. Ahhhhh music. Conversations about sounds, lyrics, and the way the song makes us feel. Endless discussions. So many ways to interpret. Night seekers, believers, realists. Risk takers. We are captured by the lights.

So much of life is lived on the edge. Pushing each other to grow, explore, and to be better people. To not just take, but to give. With so much outside influence, we must remember who we are. If this sounds obnoxious, it's not meant to, it's just who we are. Many of us are on decades of friendship, some only a few months, but all strong and all meaningful in their own way. Each person, a special bond or connection, all different from the other. Present....when days are not bright, when there is nothing to give, when the world feels like a heavy weight. We are there to lift the weight and encourage each other that life is beautiful. Life is meaningful and that we are worth it. When we meet another one of us, we know. It's as if a light appears and the world is telling us to not let go.

This is my tribe.