My first post and the fallen butterfly!

Hello friends,

I am officially a blogger again......for like, the 3rd time! Bare with me as I put my writing shoes back on (?!?!?!).

Today feels like a new day in my life! Well, technically it is a new day but what I mean by this is like.....a NEW DAY. I had sort of a break through over the weekend as I feel like I finally let go of something that has been holding me back for months. I see the best in people, almost to a fault (empath much?) and sometimes that means sacraficing my own happiness to do so. This means I HAVE to create boundaries for myself, which is something very new for me. This weekend, I set a boundary. I simply can not be around certain people that have profound emotionally negative effects on me. I now know that I either need to remove myself from certain situations or surround myself with people who truly understand and respect my wishes to create great space between me and the person(s). This is huge for me, as it gets me closer to knowing that I am not responsible for how people act, only how I react. There are things in life you know, but sometimes it takes longer to actually live out what we know to be true. And, just because we might know, doesn't mean we always follow suit, as in the end, we are all human and can only take so much. This is why we create personal boundaries.

So, on that note I came across a fallen butterfly today. It is symbolic for me because it reminds me that we are all equal. Some of us feel more, some of us less, but in the end we are all on this earth to be the best people we can be and then eventually become part of mother earth. 

Thank you for listening. I am excited and nervous to share more, but hope we can all become stronger, healthier and happier together ;)