Juice Juice Baby!

I work at a pretty incredible company with some beautiful people that inspire me to be a better person AND do great work, every damn day. We are called Deep Focus  and we are a global, digitally led creative agency focused on building brands that connect to and draw momentum from the culture that shapes consumers’ lives.

My SF team is doing something called The Whole Life Challenge. Some may think it's odd to do a health challenge in the office but let's face it, this is San Francisco, and we are a tight knit crew. The challenge has 3 levels, you can read about it more on the website but basically encourages a few things: Nutrition, exercise, mobilization, supplement, hydration, lifestyle, and reflection. I sort of kill it (and not in the good way) on the exercise portion (I need to get back into my SoulCycle and Barry's Bootcamp - yes I am basic in that sense) and lose points when I drink wine (doesn't that count as a fruit?), but overall it's pretty easy to follow! 

Every Monday during our Monday meeting at Deep Focus we enjoy some fine alcohol like a good tequila or whiskey (seriously these people are introducing me to some good stuff). THIS week we did a morning juice tasting and it was FABBBBULOUSSSSS. A rep from the Juice Shop (not to be confused by "The Juice Shop" in NY) from this super cute little store next door at 142 2nd street, came in and educated on us on the benefits of incorporating fresh pressed juices into your life. 

This nice (and cute) young man came in with multiples bottles of juices from veggie, almond to fruit based, and gave us the DL on how each can offer a different health benefit. Now I KNOW what you are thinking. Juice is SUCH a trend, and it's EVERYWHERE. To you I would say, correct. What's different about this shop is a couple of things. They use glass which is returned each time you purchase a new bottle (and you get $2 off your next purchase) soooo eco friendly. All of the vegetables are organic and come from Northern California (shipped to a warehouse in Bayview, SF) except for the ginger and turmeric which come from the owners farm in HAWAII! Next up, it's cold pressed. This means the juice never hits any heat, leaving in the nutrients. Lastly, the story is incredible. You know I love a good backstory. The founder started juicing because he had a rare liver condition. Like a lot of us, he believed that what you put in your body matters. He was placed on a strict regimen of raw vegan food, with an emphasis on detoxification through juicing. Read more here, it's truly fascinating. Moral to the story, he recovered and his family wanted to share his methods with the world, or at leas the city of San Francisco. Cool right? 

Now, juice can contain a crap ton of sugar, so you have to be careful especially if you are diabetic or if diabetes runs in your family, but I can't say that I don't feel great after a cold glass of A+Deep Green (my fav). So what did I try? Below, in order are the juices we got to taste. 

 Photos courtesey of Juice Shop

Photos courtesey of Juice Shop

The immunity shot was INTENSE. That baby can knock anything right out of your system with a super potent combo of garlic, lemon, ginger, and oregano oil. By the way, oregano oil capsules will prevent and kill a sore throat. I always have a bottle in my pantry. Truly amazing stuff. 

Final thoughts on juice. Drink the cold pressed organic brands. Focus on drinking what you don't normally get (pro tip from the cute juice instructor). For example, if you love oranges and carrots and eat them often, stay away from citrus gold. If you are a kale addict, no need to drink Deep Green everyday. Remember, I am not a doctor, therapist or nutrutionist, only a semi-professional human who has tried a few things in her life. More shots below from the in office tasting and as always, thank you for listening :)