The bright side of things.....

I have a theory......

It's that every man who ever broke up with me didn't want me to spend my life for them.

But rather, for myself...

They cared, they saw me for who I was, for who I am, and that is endless.... (I should make it clear that my optimism is based off what I would hope a human would feel after being with me)

I can give forever.




I choose to see my faults and a fault in myself is being too much.

There was one. He knew how much I loved him. I treasured and kept him close to my heart...

And even when I should have hate, I still love him, so much....whole hardheartedly

Nothing will ever replace what I know we had, what I know we were...

I have a theory that the pain brought to me is really just a room full of the men I have loved, laughing going "we are doing this because we know she is strong and she will prevail."

That is my hope, that is my wish.

I have a theory that I am one of those people who is meant to endure all of the feelings. All of them, always.

But to the one I really loved, I hope you know. That was real. It meant everything to me.

It still does.

I have grown, I have moved on, but I just wanted the simple things with you.

I just wanted you.

There was never anything more that I wanted.