To the woman in my life...

It's International Women's Day, so here's a little something for the women in my life who have supported me and stood by my side, no matter what:

Thank you for your endless love

For believing in me

For pushing me to be better

To do better 

For your notes of encouragement when I needed it the most

In moments where I feel weak, thank you for reminding me I am strong

For understanding who I am

Why I feel the way I feel

And for not dismissing the emotions that live within me

Thank you for never labeling me crazy but understanding I am human 

For calling me out when I am settling

And helping me realize that I should never and will never...settle

Heres to understanding I am complicated, but in a good way :) 

And to supporting my decisions even if they don't serve me well

For trusting that I will learn from my mistakes

And for holding my hand as long as it needs holding 

But letting go when it's time for me to learn

For telling me I'm wrong.....with your eyes 

And expecting more of me because you know what I can accomplish

Thank you for rubbing my back to help me fall asleep

And for always taking my calls in the middle of the night 

For saying I look beautiful when my insides are torn apart 

And for being by my side when it all comes falling down

For taking me to the ocean when my head needs clearing

Or putting me in the middle of music just to drown it all out

We will forever be connected by this thing called woman

We will forever be.