Ally's Playlist 24

What's the upside of not posting a playlist in a few weeks? A super long one for you! Enjoy :) 

Hello, World!



Ellen's Run!

Hey there! My bestie girl friend roommate sister girl ran the Big Sur Half Marathon in Monterey this weekend. It was her first half marathon ever and Ellen KILLED it at just over two hours. I like to think that her strengths are my weaknesses and visa versa. So, I present to you, "Ellen's Run" playlist. Think flowing upbeat tunes that are somewhat earthy, beachy and cosmic  -- as her trail was packed full with waves, birds, all that nature has to offer!. Now, get running, someone has to!!! 


Ally's Playlist 21-22

It's been awhile. I have two playlists for you today! Enjoy :) 


Ally's Playlist 20

Happy Monday! Some awesome remixes on this weeks playlist. I hope these songs get you through the day :)



Ally's Playlist 19

I haven't made a playlist in WEEKS but I promised myself I wouldn't just make one to make one. I want to makes sure all the songs on the list are jams I would want to listen to. Enjoy :)



Ally's Playlist 18

This weeks playlist has me feeling all the feels! My fav song on the list is "Say It (Feat. Tove Lo)" by Flume. I have seen him a handful of times, most recently at Coachella and I am never disappointed. Tove Lo sounds absolutely incredible on the track. Flume is coming to the Bay Area Friday, September 23, 2016 @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. You best believe I will be there. Lastly, I am also totally digging "Running Out" by Matoma. A good "coming to terms" jam. Enjoy :)


Ally's Playlist 17

It's been awhile. Listen to the musicccccccc.


Ally's Playlist 16

 It's Tuesday but I KNOW you need some musical inspiration. Hit it!

Ally's Playlist 15

Holy playlist! Lot's of good songs on here but my favorite is one called "Bones," by Oliver Koletzki

I heard it in my Uber and haven't stopped listening since. Please enjoy and I hope this playlist gets you through the week! Thanks for listening! 


Ally's Playlist 14

Happy Monday. Music is life. Enjoy! 

Ally's Playlist 13

I got so busy with work yesterday I forgot to post my playlist! I hope this gets you through the rest of your week. I know a lot of you Bay Area people must be tired from this weekends festivities. While they were super fun (I mean, I was at a party with J. Bieber) I was ready for the madness to die down and get back to work. Have a great week everyone. 


Ally's Playlist 12

You want the musics? I got the musics! If you live in the Bay Area, hopefully this helps you navigate through the craziness that is the Super Bowl! 

Besides this amazing playlist, take a listen to the new Worthy tracks released today. They are dope, to say the least.


Ally's Playlist 11

This playlist is SURE to get you through the week. So much amazingness on this list. Many of these songs are from artists that played at the Pink Mammoth party in Tulum, Mexico. Artists like Worthy and Tim Green are sure to help your week fly by....untzzzzzzz! Also included here is a link to Rachel Toro's Soundcloud. Her set's are awe inspiring. Not only is she a badass female DJ, but a really humble person as well. One of my favorite sets of Rachel's is the one she did at Burning Man 2015. Enjoy this weeks music. Thank you for listening!


Ally's Playlist 10


Ally's Playlist 9 - NEW YEARS 2016

Hello friends,

To get you ready for the madness that is New Years Eve, I have compilied some of my fav music to get down to RIGHT NOW! Put this on while you get ready tomorrow night...I promise it will be a good time. Thanks for listening :) 

Ally's Playlist 8

Last night I watched the Daft Punk documentary "Unchained," and I highly recomend it! It's not hard to get me excited about music, but this inspired me in a whole new way. The documentary explores the many facets that is Daft Punk -  from why they started making music, the creation of the robots, why Coachella has been such a topic of discussion and their interesting relationship with electronic music and real instruments (something I totally relate to being a musician). This weeks playlist includes a lot of Giorgio Moroder, an Italian record producer, songwriter, performer and DJ. Moroder who is frequently credited with pioneering synth disco and electronic music - and who HEAVILY influenced Daft Punk. 

Thanks for listening! 

Do you want some funk and happiness in your life?

My friend aka. one of my musical soul mates......knows I love Griz so he passed off this artist to me. Can only find it on SoundCloud but it's some FUN STUFF. Take a listen and let me know what you think! 



Ally's Playlist 7


Ally's Playlist 6

Hi beautiful people,

Happy Monday! Wonderful playslit for you all. Some deep house, new female artists and a few old(er) favs. Enjoy and thanks for listening :)


Ally's Playlist 5

Hi friends,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Happy Monday! Here is some music to get you through the week. Love to all and thanks for listening. 

Ally's Playlist 4

Happy Monday! This was my Las Vegas playlist this past weekend. Enjoy and thanks for listening! 

Ally's Playlist 3

This weeks playlist includes all the jams my crew and I listened to on our trip to Kauai, Hawaii. My good friend Stefanie has great taste in music so we introduced each other to some new songs! Enjoy and thanks for listening :)


Ally's Playlist 2

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoy these jams. Quite a bit of variety here. some new, some old.

Thank you for listening. 

Ally's Playlist 1

A good friend of mine messaged me the other day and said that I should open up my Spotify playlists to my friends and anyone else who is interested in hearing what I am listening to. Bring back the lost art of the mixtape! As I hope it's clear by my blog, I LOVE music. It lives within every inch of my body. Music is what powers me and keeps me inspired. It opens me up to new emotions I never thought possible and pushes me to expand my creative mind. I know many of you feel this way so I wanted to share the artists and songs I am listening to...right now. I might include old artists, some may be new, but all the songs I share will be the soundtrack to my life. Expect a new list every Monday of about 12-20 songs and feel free to subscribe to my channel

Thank you for listening. Here is playlist 1. 

No matter what I do to break your heart I know you'll always love me...

SORRY, I can't get enough of Big Grams. Each time I listen to one of their songs (even over and over) I hear something completely new. A new instrument, a new meaning...

The song I want to talk about today is "Goldmine Junkie." The lyrics below outline a true love affair, one that can never be broken except between the two people in it. We always have a choice. Oftentimes relationships are influenced by outside opinions, but what really matters is what occurs between those two people - and only them. We always have a choice. They made one. 

Always and forever
Forever and always, always together
Like salt and pepper
We live life like a love letter
Real nice like them love letters
Amen tell ‘em
I stole her heart like a known felon
Jackpot couldn’t have chose better

Big Boi and Phantogram describe a relationship that is crazy passionate but also based on commitment. The world is filled with SO MANY people (endless) but it's rare to find somebody who completely understands you. Oftentimes we are so stuck on searching for the next best thing, something new, something different and in doing this we loose track of ourselves and what we really want. This pertains to romantic relationships and friendships. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize that what's in front of us, what has always been there, the people who have invested time in us.....are enough. More than enough.  

Overdosin’ off devotion, we can never get lonely
The only one that can do somethin’ for me totally mind blowing
And I’m never letting go, these streets ain’t got nothing for me
It’s full of skeezers and phonies, bloodsuckin’ leeches that owe me, homie

OVERDOSIN' off DEVOTION! This song is sexy for sureeeee. The contrast between Big Boy and Phantomgram make me feel like I am reading a private love letter or listening to a conversation I wasn't supposed to hear - like they are whispering to one another. The back and forth is intoxicating and I can't get enough of it. It is truly a gangster love song. 

Take a listen and thank you for listening. 



STS9. First off, check out the album art work.

So cool right? I want this framed in my house STAT. This DJ/Jam band has some pretty awesome tracks but my favorite of theirs is called "Golden Gate." There are so many elements to this song. It sort of reminds me of something Glitch Mob would their song, "Fortune Days." There ups, downs, twists and turns to this song make it insanely dynamic.

The different instruments resemble the "lyrics" to the song as the melody floats in and out between the beat. A great example of this is at 1:36, SO FUN. I recommend cleaning your house to this jam. It allows you to think with a very clear mind and puts a smile on your face. Listen and thank you for listening. 

You don't mess with love you mess with the truth...

This is the breakup JAM. Not sure what else there is to say about this one. Love me a little Ellie Goulding. I think we can all relate to being COMPLETELY annoyed with ourselves when we (over) think about someone who deserves no air time. Ellie hits the nail on the head with the lyrics in this one. I love how repetitive it is. It fits right with the meaning of the song. Thinking and thinking and thinking and I poured it down. 

And now I don’t understand it
You don’t mess with love, you mess with the truth
And I know I shouldn’t say it
But my heart don’t understand
Why I got you on my mind
You think you know someone...

In the chorus, I LOVE how the melody matches the part where she sings "you think you know somebody" BEFORE she even comes in with those lyrics at 2:31. 

Why I got you on my mind
You think you know somebody
Why I got you on my mind
You think you know somebody

Overall, super fun song that makes me want to punch a wall and dance. Thanks for listening. 




I'd be waiting for you.... - "Call My Name ft. Rae Morris"

This past weekend I saw Kaskade at Pier 70 in San Francisco on his "Automatic" tour. It was a truly amazing show! I have always liked Kaskade but seeing him live completely changed the way I hear his music. Being in my favorite neighborhood in the best city in the world while watching a very talented artist just made my experience that much more special. Pier 70 is an old broken down shipyard that I used to explore when I lived in the Dogpatch, before it became a venue. If you haven't visited, this is what it looks like in the daytime: 

  Pier 70, San Francisco

Pier 70, San Francisco

During the show, Kaskade expressed his gratitude for the city of San Francisco. He mentioned venues like 111 Minna, DNA Lounge and Ruby Skye as being spots where he got his start. Direct quote:

I’ve written more than half my songs here. San Francisco has always and will always be my musical home. -Kaskade

This gave me chills as San Francisco is MY musical home as well. The city breeds such beauty and energy. During the show I was completely blown away by the lights and the sound. Everything was crystal clear and vivid and I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. Strangers felt like old friends and the vibe of the crowd was wonderfully positive. 

  Kaskade, Pier 70, San Francisco

Kaskade, Pier 70, San Francisco

  Kaskade, Pier 70, San Francisco

Kaskade, Pier 70, San Francisco

The song I want to talk about is called "Call My Name ft. Rae Morris." Apparently, it's a song that didn't make but album but was released prior to "Automatic" coming out in order to give the fans an idea of what the new music was going to sound like. It's one of those songs that you hear live and HAVE TO HAVE RIGHT AWAY. I played it over and over in my head all night until I could find it online (took me awhile). Picture being outside, wind in your hair, the air is warm and you are surrounded by happy people and THIS song comes on....

I’d be waitin’ for you
Waitin’ for you
Waitin’ for you to call my name

The chorus of the song made me smile. It's almost like an ode to your future person. Makes me think, "I don't know who you are, but I know you are out there." 

And you are......

Thank you for listening.



Ice cold, I freeze up when I see ya...

This weekend I went and saw Cash Cash and Tritonal on their "Unbreakable" tour at The Warfield in San Francisco. This is one of my favorite venues. I have been going here since I was about 13 years old. Cash Cash killed it, but Tritonal was by far my favorite of the night. They opened with "Gamma Gamma" and I about lost it! It was the perfect song to start the set with as it has very cult like, animalistic tribal elements to it. The visuals were insane consisting of people wearing geometrical animal masks. I have seen some of these at festivals (I think you can get them off Etsy) but loved the usage of them in the video. I wish I could find actual video footage to show you guys what I am talking about, but it's nowhere to be found. Song and visual elements below. 

Obsessed with these outfits. Too bad I left my disco dress at home :) Listen to this song if you want to get seriously pumped up. The drums are HEAVY which makes this song super intense. It is one of those tracks that just makes you feel like you are outside of your own body. That might be the tooliest thing I have ever said but once you listen, you will understand. 

The song I REALLY want to talk about is Tritonals debut of "Until You Were Gone" feat The Chainsmokers. This is a new one from them and quite beautiful. I must admit, I got a little emotional when it came on (tear). The lyrics are about not realizing what you have until it's gone. This is a concept we all can relate to - either being the one realizing or wishing that someone would feel this way about us.

Ice cold, I freeze up when I see ya
Left you just to find out that I need ya
So far, I wanna pull you closer
I wish we could start the whole thing over

I WISH WE COULD START THE WHOLE THING OVER. Ahhh what an idea, to start over. Would you start over, do things differently, to be with someone you miss? If it takes you to leave that person to realize you want them in your life, do you really want them? Or, are you wanting what you can no longer have? Thoughts I have....

I freeze up when I see you. Does this happen 

I was always told that only time would heal the pain
And even though it’s been so long, it still hurts just the same

I have said this before. For me, time doesn't heal the pain, it changes it. The pain takes on new meaning. That being said, I think we all have a moment on our life we can revert back to and think "damn, I remember exactly how that felt." Some things are just burned and ingrained in our minds for the rest of our lives. Moments like these are powerful and must be respected. 

Emily Warren's vocal on this song are simple, yet soooo beautifully haunting. I love how the producer doubled/layered her vocals on certain parts (:37 and 1:44). It gives a nice warm tone to the song - especially the parts where she is singing in harmony with herself. 

It makes me want to dance, and it makes me want to fall in love, even if it's about breaking up. Thank you for listening. 



It's only fire, it's only water, it's only love...

I have been wanting to pull my analysis of "It's Only (feat. Zyra)" by Odesza out of brain for months now. I must have listened to this song over 100 times in the past 3 months. The first 20 times I would say, were just for pure enjoyment. I mostly paid attention to the instrumental as it's completely captivating. At minute mark 3:10 TRY to tell me you don't feel like a magical fairy flying across an enchanted forest, I know I do! 

The next 80 rounds of listening, I thought deeply about the lyrics.

“I heard the news today, that your not mine to keep.”

WOAH! This line hits a little too close to home for me. News is something you hear second hand, and this is exactly what happened to me in my last relationship. Print the papers, it's OVER. This line is beyond powerful because it's how so many of us find out that someone we cherish and love is simply, gone. Phone calls, Facebook, Txts. Let's move on to the next few lines I am interested in. There's a sarcastic element about the story in which she sings:

It’s only water
It’s only fire
It’s only love

What do you MEAN it's only water? One of the most essential elements to human kind. And now fire? It's only FIRE? We need fire, I think it's pretty important. Fire also means renewal and can also hurt us. Finally, it's only love (nbd). As humans, I believe we take advantage of all three of these things. I am sure many of you can agree. We see proof of this in the California drought, fires and the many broken hearts that roam the earth. The creativity of these lyrics and how they are sung is something so beyond what a lot of artists are doing these days. These few lines make you think about the essential things a human needs. We all need water to survive, we need fire to cook and stay warm, and we need companionship to feel human. None of which should be taken for granted. So yeah, it's only water, it's only fire, it's only love. 

You’re only crying
You’re only dying
You’re only dead

Can you die from a broken heart? In 2013, Harold and Ruth Knapke died within 11 hours of one another. You can read about their touching story in this USA Today article. This is actually pretty common. While actually dying of a broken heart might be a stretch, feeling dead inside without the person you love, is not. That pain is REAL. I believe it's something we can all "overcome" but when it's a deep "dying of a broken heart" love, with one memory, all of that sadness can come rushing back like a maverick wave. These are the things I think of when I sing this song over and over to myself in my car. 

I know it all sounds depressing, but there is so much beauty in loss (it's not a concept I always believe, but something I have to remind myself in order to get through certain situations, and it really is true). When I listen to this song I feel a sense of happiness in knowing that I can give and accept love full heartedly. When you have an open heart, you allow a lot of room for heartbreak, but without an open heart you can't feel much at all. Some days I wish I could feel less (I have PRAYED to have the gift of being able to NGAF) so that I could glide through life a little easier, but then I remember I am lucky to feel, to be healthy and to be alive. 

Listen to the song and feel free to let me know what you think. These are just my thoughts, influenced by my experiences. Thanks for listening. 

You're magnetic as fuck...

I am a sucker for a female/male pop duo song (I wrote one myself called "Save Me"), but what wins me over on this track "Shake Me Up" by The Mowgli's, is the lyrics. I feel like I'm 15 again but can still relate to feeling this type of love as a 28 year old. I WANT TO FEEL SOMETHING BIGGER THAN US. It's just that, love is bigger than the two beings (or 3 or 4 whatever floats your boat) involved. It's something that's completely unexplainable and different each time experienced. This magical and sparkly pop song pulls at my hopeless romantic heartstrings. At 2:33 I hear elements of "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield, and we all know how that song made us feel...

Even though things end, this track gives me the same feeling I felt during my greatest love. While that is over, it allows me to appreciate the good (and forget the bad for three minutes and twenty nine seconds). And when it was good, it was great...

Astronomical love.